Warm Up Before You Work Out!


Warming up before a workout, is very important.  Preparing the muscles for weight lifting, running, kick boxing, or any other physical exercise, is worth the prevention of injury and also the promotion of healthy muscle growth.

 No matter what the exercise activity you need to warm up your muscles first.

 The warm up gets your muscles and joints in preparation for a good workout.  Also, it increases your range of motion, flexibility and blood circulation.

 The warm ups can be specific to the types of exercise activity you choose; from lifting weights, Qi Gong or Taiji Quan, to Jogging, Running or Walking.

 For me, some exercises are my warmup routine, but in a condensed version; or part of the martial arts forms.   The warmup can include a short cardio blast or a stretching technique to warm up the muscles, joints and get the heart pumping.

Timing is everything.  Depending on the type of exercise you’re planning to do, your warm ups should range from 5 – 15 minutes.   If you’re dieting, go for a much longer warm up. This increases your blood circulation and helps burn calories.

 I’m not an expert - I’m only speaking from experience.  There is so much information on the web about how to do certain warmup exercises.  Please consult with a physician to make sure that you are healthy enough to perform the exercises.

 Before you get your Game On! Warm up. 

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