Every Day Seems Like the Same, Every Day

Everyday, it’s the Same Things Over and Over, Indefinitely!

 I seem to be riding this endless loop of events, encounters, and experiences that just goes on and on until I become so programmed, I feel like a machine. But the events are so necessary for my survival, fitness and health.

Waking up every morning is a cliché. So blessed to be alive! Starting with hygiene, then nutrition and onward to physical, mental and spiritual health.


Physical                                                Spiritual                                          Mental


I wonder whether or not that this is my purpose. I cannot ignore the family and friend aspects of my program, so I invite them all, young and able, strong and willing to share my world but to remain as individuals in pursuit of their own goals and aspirations.

The development of mental and physical strength does support one’s ability to succeed in whatever endeavor we strive for. However, there are challenges we must accept.

Do not be misled that the mere thought of success will lead to failure but learn from your defeat and you will always become a winner. Oddly as it may sound, we only defeat ourselves when we do not believe in ourselves. And so I awaken each morning, proud and humble to repeat my programmatic routine, to progress through any adversity, but I am not alone.

No man or woman is an island. We all need help, one way or another. You help me by allowing me to help you. Let us grow together mentally, physically and spiritually, and overcome all fears and obstacles. We are all winners!

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